Are there lockers and dressing rooms?
Yes, both are provided, the lockers at a minimum additional cost.

Does Zoom Flume have food service and picnic areas?
Yes, we have snack bars serving many items including pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, soda, chicken nuggets & fingers, specialty wrap sandwiches etc. that can be eaten at any of our many picnic areas.

Are food coolers and outside food allowed in Zoom Flume?
Small lunch size coolers are allowed. Families with large coolers may have a picnic lunch in the picnic area outside Zoom Flume’s entrance, however, large coolers may not be brought into park. Also outside restaurant food (i.e. pizza) may NOT be brought in.

Are glass containers with food allowed in the park?
No, we cannot allow any glass containers into the park.

Is alcohol allowed into the park?
No, due to insurance regulations, we cannot allow any type of alcohol into the park.

Are bathing suits required?
By health department laws, bathing suits are required. For toddlers, diapers are not permitted. Children must wear “swimmies” pants or swim diapers.

Is footwear required?
No. There are cement and wooden walkways leading to all rides and facilities, but foot wear is worn by most people, and removed when they get to the ride.

Are there any relaxation areas in the park?
Absolutely! Zoom Flume is located in a natural setting. Picnic areas, lounge chairs, and observation points are throughout the park.

Does Zoom Flume close when it rains?
Generally the rides will still operate during a rain storm. The rides will temporarily close however during a thunder storm and then reopen after the threat of lightning has passed. If the weather prediction is for unusually cold or rainy weather, it is best to call ahead for information.